North St. Louis County’s Hub for Healthy Living 

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Bring heal​th, jobs and unity to North County

Many North St. Louis County  residents lack access to the affordable, healthy food and resources available to others. You can reverse that negative trajectory.

North County Community Nexus , a family resource center powered by A Red Circle, will turn this food desert into an oasis for healthy living. One centrally located building will house a cluster of organizations working toward the same goal: serving the body, mind and spirit of the community.

We have found the ideal property. We have planned exciting initiatives to strategically drive health and wealth opportunities. We just need your help to bring North County Community Nexus to life. 

Donate today and empower your neighbors to: 

Your contributions will help thousands of people who have limited proximity to healthy food options and wellness resources. Plant a seed, and watch North County Community Nexus grow!

Ren​ewal and Restoration of a Historical Site

“Four-corners shopping center right at the heart” of the neighborhood to open 
at Highway 99 and Jennings Road, making the area “a nearly complete community." 
-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 14, 1952